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Himalayan Salt is ancient salt which has been stored inside the mountains for more than 250 million years. It has not been exposed to any environmental impurities or toxins and was preserved in in its natural and pure form. Himalayan salt has rich mineral content, which also gives salt its distinctive pink color.

Pink salt is known to provide therapeutic treatments against various respiratory ailments, it helps to improve circulation, sooth muscles and relax the body, restore body fluids and eliminate toxins from the body.

Pink Himalayan salt is available in different colors ranging from dark pink to light pink and also in different grain sizes as per customer’s requirement.

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Salt Blends

Salt Seasons offers a wide range of Himalayan salt blends to intensify the flavors and enhance any dish.

Following are the top quality blends that are must to have on the shelf:


Blended with aromatic thyme, this salt would add unforgettable Mediterranean note to your meal.


Give more taste to your meals with the garlic blend! Perfect mix for everyday use which will flavor up any dish.


Want to brighten up your dish? Chili blend is a perfect solution! Spice it up with the red chili blend and savor the heat.

Black Pepper

Mix of salt and black pepper is perfect for any meal at any time. It is never a bad time to go for the classic combo.


Oregano salt blend work best with your salads, pizzas or pastas. Imagine yourself somewhere on Mediterranean coastline while having your favorite meal.


Himalayan salt mixed with basil is perfect for seasoning or finishing your meal. Great for everyday use.


Aromatic rosemary mixed with the pink salt create a wonderful addition to season your favorite recipes. Simply delicious blend with an unforgettable woody scent.

Pizza Blend

Pizza blend for the Pizza lovers! A perfect mix of the true Pizza ingredients giving you a shelf ready solution to sparkle your pizza with the most amazing flavors and spices.

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