Sesame seed seasoning is a vital source of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and healthy oils with an exciting nutty flavor. Use in salads, bread, and pasta.

1) Specialized Long Grain Harvest

The extra-long grain makes our elite rice a high end product.

2) The Premium All Rounder for cooking!

Our premium rice can be cooked in multiple ways making it an all-rounder.

3) Sela Gold- The Gold in Basmati!

Ideal rice for making biryani, pulao, and zarda.

4) Packed with nutrients-in every grain!

Everyday rice which is full of nutrients and energy.

5) Economical and Aromatic!

A rice you can have every day with a great aftertaste and aroma.

6) Value For Money Basmati!

A cost effective rice with great value of money.