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Himalayan salt cooking block

Himalayan Salt blocks or slabs offer many creative culinary uses while providing benefits of pure and natural Himalayan salt. They can be used to cook or grill various dishes, such as steaks, barbecue or fish. Meals cooked on a Himalayan salt slab take on a light, clean, naturally salty flavor while absorbing minerals necessary for good health and balance. Our salt slabs also add up to the presentation of both hot and cold foods at home, on a picnic or restaurants.

Himalayan salt Room Tiles

Himalayan salt bricks are hand-carved of Himalayan pink salt rocks. These bricks can be used to build salt caves, sauna rooms, spas or can even be used at home as wall or floor decoration.

Salt therapy is also known as halo-therapy and it is believed to provide better sleep, improve skin condition, treatment against respiratory ailments and provide overall wellness.

Himalayan salt bricks are available is a variety of shapes and designs and can help you create a unique and pleasant environment at your place.

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